Author of the New Book "What Belief Can Do"

Author of the New Book "What Belief Can Do"

Author of the New Book "What Belief Can Do"Author of the New Book "What Belief Can Do"Author of the New Book "What Belief Can Do"

New Release!

What Belief Can Do

In the early 1960s, Ron Archer was born to a seventeen-year-old single mother with a checkered past in the inner city of Cleveland. Sexually abused by a babysitter, teased unmercifully by classmates for his stuttering, and neglected at home, Ron wanted to die. At age ten, he

put a loaded snub-nosed revolver to his head and 

pulled the trigger.  

The gun did not fire.

With the help of a heroic teacher who introduced him to the Bible, Ron discovered Jesus Christ and finally found his voice. Now a celebrated public speaker, he reaches out to others who are in despair, sharing the hope that can only come from God. 

In What Belief Can Do, discover how God can transform your pain into power and your tragedy into triumph

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A recent feature story about Ron Archer in the Epoch Times.

What Amazon Readers Are Saying About "What Belief Can Do"

"I stumbled upon Ron through the 700 Club. I read his book all in one sitting. "What Belief Can Do" is an incredible testimony of God's power to equip the called. I was inspired through his pain to see that God is not finished with me yet."

"I could not put the book down. My heart went out to Ron and all that he went though, but he did not give up or give in."

"God had a plan for this man's life from conception. Some parts are hard to read as he reveals his life struggles, but hopefully they will encourage those struggling with similar issues in their lives. I highly recommend it."

"This book was so good. This man's story is one everyone needs to read. It's powerful."

"I could not tear myself away from this book until the last page! Ron endured so many things that no child should ever have to go through, but when he met God, his outlook changed completely. What an inspiration!"

"A must read for men, women, and teens. I wish pastors would buy some books and share them with their staff."

About Ron Archer


A Master Communicator

With a booming voice, a take-command stage presence, and raw emotion, Ron Archer is a spellbinding speaker and a force to be reckoned with whenever he takes the stage. He has spoken at churches and in corporate settings for more than four decades.  A former vice president of the S.C. Johnson Wax Co. called him the “Martin Luther King, Jr. of the corporate world who challenges the very soul of a company to be transformed.”


Filled with Inspiring Hope

Ron has been connecting with audiences ever since he started preaching Sunday nights in a Cleveland church when he was sixteen years old. These days, he travels the globe with a message that remains the same: that God can use anyone, including someone like him—the unwanted child of a seventeen-year-old call girl—to share the hope that comes from believing in Jesus Christ, who came to this earth to redeem our sins and give us eternal life with Him.


Overcoming the Storms in Life

Ron wants to help you overcome your STORMS—Significant Trauma Overwhelming Reasonable Minds—with a message that the only way to overcome a storm is to face it head on. For many, the pain of the past and the fear of the future can keep them stuck in a miserable present. Ron can help you face your fears and live out your dreams. Sometimes your greatest blessings are connected to your greatest challenges. Ron’s life is testimony to that.

Noteworthy Developments

Places of H.O.P.E.

Ron has a heart for healing people in every way through a ministry he founded called Places of H.O.P.E., which is situated at the Leadership Restoration Center in Cleveland, Ohio. To learn more, visit this website:

Speaking Events

Ron is constantly speaking  around the world. He's an incredible communicator who touches people with his inspirational story as well as timely insights.

A Movie in the Works?

Ron has had exciting discussions with Hollywood producers about making a full-length movie of his incredible life. He has also been cast as an inspirational pastor in "Charlie's Dream," his first acting role.

Ron Archer Through the Years


The Early Years

A Redemptive Life

The Early Years

Ron Archer never should have been born. In the early 1960s, his mother was a seventeen-year-old call girl in Cleveland, Ohio, when she became pregnant—a hazard of the trade. A back-alley abortion failed, and Ron came into this world as a neglected afterthought. 


Troubled Times

A Redemptive Life

The Early Years

Ron overcame a lot growing up. He was sexually abused by a sadistic babysitter, teased unmercifully by schoolmates as “Renaldo the Retardo” because of his constant stuttering, and physically and verbally abused by his stepfather. At age ten, alone in the house, he put a loaded snub-nose revolver to his head and pulled the trigger. The gun didn’t fire. 


A Redemptive Life

A Redemptive Life

A Redemptive Life

A kind schoolteacher took an interest in Ron and helped him overcome his stuttering. She told Ron that he was not a mistake and that he was created for a purpose. "You are a gentle soul, but you are going to be strong," she said. "You have a beautiful voice. You don’t hear it yet, but I believe that God is giving you a gift, a gift to speak.” 

What Others Are Saying About Ron Archer

Heartbeat International

U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Command

U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Command

As Ron Archer shared his story, there was silence in the room. He shared about his birth being the result of a trick, the lack of security at home, and the abuse that faded into hopelessness causing a desire to end his life at the age of ten. 

Ron's captivating presentation brings listeners into the storyline and lets them experience the pain of a crisis pregnancy, the vulnerability of a child experiencing insecurity at home, and the terrible results of abuse during childhood. Ron received a lengthy and emotional standing ovation at the end of his dynamic presentation.

I highly recommend Ron Archer for your next fundraising banquet. His passion is revealed in every word. His desire to reach those in the trenches of despair in life will inspire your audience.

—Cindi Boston, Vice President of Heartbeat International

U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Command

U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Command

U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Command

Ron Archer's delivery and presentation were phenomenal! By far, this was one of the best leadership training courses we've ever had. I sincerely hope we can host Ron Archer in the future.

—Ursula L. Burkhalter, Chief of HR Operations, U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Command

Ron Archer not only motivated but also gave useful step-by-step guidance in dealing with difficult people. It was an uplifting and informative forum that our supervisors thoroughly enjoyed.

—Tanya Allbritten, Chief of Training and Career Management, U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Command

CPC of the Wabash Valley

U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Command

Freedom of Life Ministries

To say that Ron Archer's message was inspiring, motivational, and stirring would be an understatement. From the moment he started, over 800 were entranced by his powerful message. He was completely personal but totally professional. His voice control, inflection of his words, and response to the temperature of the audience made him a pleasure to listen to. The truth he shared, along with his use of humor and personal testimony, made his message very relatable to all in attendance.

Immediately following the event, we began to receive requests to bring Ron back next year. One businessman in particular was quite confident that if we advertised his return through word-of-mouth alone, we could fill a large portion of the college arena where we hosted the event.

—Beth Willis, CPC of Wabash Valley Director of Development

Freedom of Life Ministries

William Blue, The Potter's House

Freedom of Life Ministries

Our 15th anniversary celebration was a phenomenal success, but we couldn't have done it without your powerful preaching, prolific testimonies, and inspirational discourse on how to be set on fire by God.

—Pastor Delight Ogle Uwagboe, Administrator at Freedom of Life Ministries, Georgetown, Bahamas

William Blue, The Potter's House

William Blue, The Potter's House

William Blue, The Potter's House

Mind-blowing oration that is factual, believable, and true. Ron Archer is one of a kind!

—William Blue, Director of The Potter's House International Pastoral Allliance

Cincinnati Bengals

William Blue, The Potter's House

William Blue, The Potter's House

I appreciate you taking the time to address our team. We are big fans of your speaking and principles.

—Marvin Lewis, head coach of the Cincinnati Bengals NFL football team

Watch Ron Talk from the Heart about Fatherlessness

Ron Archer recently appeared on the Life Today program to talk with hosts James Robison and his wife, Betty, about fatherlessness. 

Watch Ron's Inspiring YouTube Video with 9.5 Million Views

In three-and-a-half mesmerizing minutes, you will see and hear the power of Ron Archer:

The Team Behind Ron Archer


Darrell Thompson, Esq.

Darrell Thompson, Esq.

Darrell Thompson, Esq.

Darrell Thompson is an entertainment attorney who acts as Chief Operating Officer and general counsel for Ron Archer's speaking ministry. He has managed numerous artists and actors, and his expertise is entertainment contracts.


Pastor Larry Kaufman

Darrell Thompson, Esq.

Darrell Thompson, Esq.

The lead pastor of Grace Mennonite Church in Millersberg, Ohio, Larry Kaufman has come alongside Ron to advise him and dream up ways to change the world for Jesus Christ.


Victoria Fisher

Darrell Thompson, Esq.

Victoria Fisher

As a manager in the entertainment field, Victoria Fisher has worked in Hollywood in various capacities, from casting to executive producing. She is also assisting in booking Ron Archer's speaking engagements.

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